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Digilink Cargo Services has been providing complete logistics services in the GCC. Digilink Cargo Services, which has its headquarters in Dubai and has established itself as the market leader in project logistics as well as sea freight, provides Air Freight, Overland Transport, Last Mile Delivery, Custom Brokerage Services, and Customs Documentation to customers. We are proud members of WFN (World Freight Network), MFA, and WCA, which have extensive coverage of valuable agents worldwide. As a result, Digilink Cargo Services can provide high-quality logistics services to small, medium, and large multinational businesses in the Middle East and around the world thanks to its extensive network of 180 affiliated offices and knowledgeable associates.

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Sea Freight

We at Digilink Cargo Services know that ocean transportation is dependent on a number of factors, and our knowledgeable staff works hard to meet all of those requirements.

Air Freight

Digilink Cargo Services’ air cargo services go above and beyond the norm. Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. We make air transportation convenient for customers.

Project Logistics

Project Logistics service is a subset of the shipping and freight forwarding industries. It calls for a great deal of knowledge, experience, and expertise. Digilink Cargo Services is fully prepared.

Overland Transport

Are you looking to send a small package, a large shipment, or a cargo that is too big to carry? Overland transportation services in their entirety are provided by Digilink Cargo Services.

Custom Brokerage Services

Digilink Cargo Services offers unmatched traditions business administrations. We have grown steadily since our inception into reputable and well-known customs brokerage agents.

Customs Documentation

Services for customs documentation are unmatched by Digilink Cargo Services. As reputable and well-liked customs documentation agents providing world-class customs brokerage services.

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